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Welcome to WCT Magazine

Recipient of the 2002
Berryman Institute Communication Award



    Eric Arnold

    P.O. Box 357 ▪ Sharon Center, OH 44274



WCT Magazine is a bimonthly publication that has been the choice for industry professionals since 1994 providing technical, business, and biological articles for private, municipal, state, and federal wildlife and pest control personnel. We consistently bring information from the top Wildlife Damage Control instructors, national and international recognized educators and researchers that are experts in their field, and top Governmental officials working in Wildlife Damage Management to the wildlife damage management industry.  


We strive to provide practical operating information, promote education, professionalism, and a professional image, provide communication within the field, and help resolve human and animal conflicts with respect for the needs of both.

Our articles are written by industry experts with years of professional experience (many have been awarded the title of Certified Wildlife Control Professional®), business professionals, and educators from the wildlife damage management field. 

Have questions about wildlife damage control? Send your questions to our team of experts at askwct@wctmagazine.com

Contributing Editors

    Around the Cage Traps - Paul Winkelmann, CWCP®

    Urban Coyote Control- Bill Christman, CWCP®

    The Toolbox- Jack Ammerman, CWCP®

    Questions & Answers - Rob Erickson, Dirk E. Shearer,

    Natalie Arnold, MT, CPA, Eric Arnold, CWCP® 2005 - 2015

   General knowledge articles - Gordon Betts, John Consolini, Eric Arnold

     CWCP (Certified Wildlife Control Professional) and Certified Wildlife Control Professional are registered trademarks of the National Wildlife Control Operators Association®

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Last modified: 06/22/22